MailCarry is based on Laravel framework.



PHP Extnesions


Extract project folder and upload all the files on the root path of your domain using any ftp client.

Tip: Make sure you have uploade the files on server with proper linux user.

Once all files uploaded successfully, then try to access the url [YOUR-INSTALLED-URL]/install/
Eg: If is the domian then

Following are the fields that will ask while installation

Application Settings

Application Name
Name of the application whaterver you want
Application URL
Must be where you installed the application
Login Email
Will be use after installation, log into the application as a superadmin
Login Password
Your application password
Timezone of the application
Language of the application (English, French, German)

Database Settings

Database Host
Host name of the database
Database Name
Database Name that will use for the application
Database Pasword
Password of the database
Table Prefix
If you want to add prefix for the tables