Sending Server

Sending Server will be considered as Active / Inactvie
Sending Server will be added under the selected group
Name of the Sending Server as a reference
Type can be:
- PHP Mail
- Amazon SES
- Mailgun
- SendGrid
- SparkPost
- Mandrill
- Elastic Email
- Mailjet
- SendinBlue
From Name
It will be use as a sender name to a campaign / drip.
From Eamil
It will be use as a sender email to a campaign / drip. It must only contain a name like, john
and then need to select a domain eg.
The result would be
Reply Eamil
It will be use as a reply email to a campaign / drip
In case of a bounce, the mail will be send to the selected bounce address
It will manage the sending speed of a sending server, either Hourly or Daily